• Serious about living the blended Grace and Truth of Jesus in order to bring glory to God and light to people seeking him.
  • Committed to following Jesus’ call to promote the story of humanity’s opportunity to relate to the Creator God as his children through faith and trust in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
  • A generous people who wish to share our resources with each other and the people around us.
  • A people of prayer, believing God wants to hear from us as a loving father wants to hear from his children.
  • A gathering concerned about God being honored (glorified) for who he is as the sovereign creator.
  • A family of Christ followers open to all who want to join our journey of discovering who God is and what that means about who we are.
  • Young and old, of any race or tribe, rich and poor, educated and not, from any place on the planet.
  • A flawed, inconsistent, wounded and ordinary people who live in hope beyond our capacity in trust of the love and presence of God.  
  • Sinners living within the forgiveness and grace of God as he continues to transform us.
  • Focused on Jesus being the Creator who came as a person and Lord of all we do as individuals, family units and as the gathered church.
  • Deeply respectful of the revealed message of God, preserved, protected and collected in the 66 documents of the Bible.  We treat it as authoritative as applied to our cultural context.  It is our aim to approach its study, humbly, with intellectual integrity, allowing it to instruct us and make adjustments in our thinking and behavior.

A growing community of friends living authentically for the will of God through his revealed Word for a transformed mind and heart.

AFFILIATION: Grace Hills Church is not connected to a specific denomination but is part of the "City Church":  an affiliation of about a dozen churches of various types that are committed to praying together, meeting together, and advancing God's purposes together in our city and area.



Gray's Woods Elementary School

160 Brackenbourne 

Port Matilda, PA 16870






MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 186, Port Matilda, PA 16870

Check out our future meeting location at the corner of Gray's Woods Blvd and Meeks Lane.




  • Vic and Kay King: Vic has been serving in various aspects of ministry since 1976. He and Kay have served in Oshkosh, WI and San Antonio, TX before arriving in the State College area in 2007. They both worked on the Calvary Church staff in State College from 2008 until beginning Grace Hills in November 2015. Vic has a Bachelor’s degree in Bible from Abilene Christian University and a Masters in Counseling from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. They have three daughters and 9 grandchildren and live in the Stormstown area.



ELDER TEAM                                                             


  • Steve Hackman
  • Tom Kidd
  • Vic King


  • Lance & Carol Bland
  • Fred & Erin Fenton
  • Steve & Lisa Hackman
  • Dave & Ruby Hersh
  • Jim & Beth Hopkins
  • Griff & Sharon Jones
  • Tom & Marti Kidd
  • Vic & Kay King
  • John & Susan Matty
  • Gene & Kim Marsh
  • Eric & Cindy Noel



    Create opportunities for God seekers to pursue extravagant love, defiant hope and authentic connection to God and people.