We always welcome people to engage - to jump in - to pretend they own the place.

Pastor: vic@gracehillschurchsc.com

Small Group Ministry: tom@gracehillschurchsc.com

Children/Youth Ministry: mark@gracehillschurchsc.com

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  • Since we are new as a church we have not yet made long term mission commitments, however, many of our people have traveled to numerous mission points around the world. We have interest in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Myanmar and Belize.


  • Being a new church we are not yet sponsoring trips, but intend to in the future. A number of our people participate currently in trips to various places sponsored by other organizations.


  • We have a number of ways to volunteer including:

    • Children’s program- we have small group discussion leaders, story presenters, nursery attendants and assistants for a number of roles.

    • Set up and tear down- each week we back in a trailer at 6:45am, unload, then set up: sound, light and classroom equipment. This takes about an 1.5 hrs. Everybody who is available afterward can pitch in and tear down, putting it back in the trailer (kids can participate in this as well). It is a fun time to work together.

    • Common Food- GHC sponsors a food distribution program in partnership with several organizations. Each month about 100 food boxes (valued at about $75 each, retail) are given out in the Port Matilda area. Volunteers are called on to pack boxes of food and hand it out monthly.

    • Music- all of our musicians are volunteers. If you are gifted musically and are interested in participating, an interview can be arranged to assess your skills and acquaint you with our music ministry.

    • Snacks- The food provided on Sunday morning is prepared by volunteers.

    • Interested? For more info click on the contact button below.